Project Information


SaltGrid is an Ecosystem Performance Optimization company which helps enterprises augment their teams that include contractors or third-party members. By hiring SaltGrid, enterprises are assured they can maximizing the outcomes from these non-direct employees who are helping to deliver business outcomes. SaltGrid is a machine learning system that uses customer instances to generate smart data that becomes uniquely smarter over time. This allows SaltGrid’s network of customers to learn from each other.


As enterprise models shift to maintain quality standards, contractors or third-party companies are involved in the carrying out of most large scale projects. SaltGrid saw an opportunity to create a platform that allowed enterprises to better leverage these contractor relationships for their customers. The only thing left was building the platform.


To provide its customers with the most useful platform, SaltGrid needed a system that could programmatically analyze data and display it in an intuitive way for the end user. Security was a top priority so our dev team applied two-factor authentication, proper data encryption, role based security matrix and firewall level security mechanism to add an altogether different layer of protection.


By implementing a graph database along with a few of our favorite technologies, SaltGrid utilizes customer data to programmatically store, process, and query it for enterprise use. This allows SaltGrid to provide performance visibility on projects, higher probability of project outcomes with lower risk, continual system learning with predictive recommendations, and 24/7 access via PC, tablet or mobile device. Basically, a web app for the energy industry that enables it to achieve more predictable outcomes.


By building this custom software solution for SaltGrid, enterprise energy companies can benefit from a whole new level of process knowledge that initially lacked visibility. We have no doubt that SaltGrid will be working with some big names in the energy industry in the near future.