When you break it down, software is just line after line of code. And any developer can tell you that writing the code to structure software is just the beginning of the job.The verification and testing process is just as intensive and just as important, assuming you want your code to be clean and your software to, you know, function. There’s a virtually endless supply of tools and strategies to achieve practical and effective continuous integration, carry out code coverage analysis, and provide robust quality assurance with new code and new software. Over the combined decades of experience of the Zibtek team, we’ve tried most of them, and we’ve come up with a way that saves time (and money), shortening the release cycle and reducing development risk while boosting efficacy and code quality.
Better for less—it’s how Zibtek works.

Blending Automation, Manual and Exploratory Techniques for High-Quality QA

There are some parts of code verification/quality assurance that work great when they’re automated. Others… less so. By blending automated code checking with human testing of software components, we’re able to deliver rapid QA turnaround that ensures complete functionality and a stellar user experience right out of the gate.
We use automated unit tests to validate the smallest components of your software—the most basic functional chunks of code—to ensure proper handling of input and output with known variables. Individual classes designed for your application are verified under expected, boundary, and negative cases to ensure optimal performance even in cases of less-than-optimal use.
After this initial verification, integration tests put an entire subsystem or software feature through its paces, ensuring that all of the smaller components play nicely together and know how to get the job done. With each smaller component already verified, we can identify and address the source of any problems in this testing phase much more efficiently. Finally, functional tests run the program through complete end-to-end user simulations. Seamless operation from unit to unit is the goal, with consistent functionality and verified the output.
As this largely automated code verification process is carried out, our developers will be looking for any UI issues, navigation difficulties, revenue-generating experiences, and other aspects of your software that are dependent on human interpretation and experience rather than pure code functionality. These are the tasks that automation simply can’t accomplish with anywhere near the same degree of efficacy as our expert engineers. Put it all together, and you’ve got the Zibtek recipe for code verification and quality assurance success. It’s how we provide our clients with leading test coverage across platforms and browsers at a cost that’s affordable for startups and enterprises alike.

Building Better Code, One Line At a Time

Your users deserve code that’s been carefully constructed and meticulously vetted. You deserve a development cycle that isn’t delayed by endless rounds of testing, patching, and retesting. Zibtek can give you everything you deserve and more, and we’re just a click away.