It’s not feasible for a lot of companies, particularly startups, to have an in-house software development team. There are significant costs involved and companies that have a limited financial runway can often not afford to have an internal team. That’s why many prefer outsourcing the work but to a dedicated team.

Even if they have the resources to maintain an in-house team, this is also a great option for companies that are looking to reduce their costs. If they can see that outsourcing the work to an external team can work for them, many companies would prefer moving to this model as it helps deliver considerable savings.

The dedicated development team model is essentially an agreement between the client and the service provider. The latter commits to providing software development professionals that only work on the client's projects. These professionals are selected based on the demands of the client and either the service provider can assign a project manager to manage the team or the client may decide to do it from their side.

Before you do decide to shift your company to this model, you need to have a good grasp of the reasons why this move will help your business in the long run. Here are the five reasons why a dedicated software development team might be beneficial for your business.

There are 5 reasons you need a dedicated software development team:

Access to more skilled resources

If you have an in-house software development team, your technology stack capabilities will be limited by the number of people that have been hired. New people need to be hired in the event that more technological capabilities are required.

This is often easier said than done. Going through the entire recruitment process, shortlisting candidates, interviewing them, extending offers and then finally having them join the team wastes valuable time that could have been spent improving the technology stack.

Not to mention the fact that having additional full-time employees places more strain on the finances of your company. You’ll need to offer attractive salaries and benefits so that they choose to join your company and not your competitors. All of this can be mitigated by having a dedicated software development team in place.

An outsourced team that's dedicated to your projects gives you access to the global talent pool. It increases the scalability of your project since you can tell the service provider what resources you require and they can immediately assign people from their pool to your project.

Since these developers will be paid on the actual number of hours or days that they work on your project, this is a more cost effective solution. You can easily scale up or down based on the project requirement with considerably less time and financial burden.

You also have a much better idea of how much the resources for a particular project are going to cost you. Terminating full-time employees can be a costly affair while an external team is often only hired on a per-project basis, so there’s no need to continue paying for it once the job has been done.

Increased reliability and efficiency

Dedicated team service providers have to face a lot of competition in the market. Only those that can offer extremely efficient and reliable service have a chance of retaining clients for long-term projects.

To ensure that they can provide the best possible service to clients, these companies have lean operations and can promise greater efficiency and reliability. Having them work on your project provides you with access to their highly optimized processes and their vast pool of talent.

So while this means that you’ll have a lot of options to choose from when you start looking for a service provider, it also means that you’ll need to be mindful of the company that you pick.

You’d want to see what their track record is, whether they have previously worked with clients in your industry, and if they have a big enough talent pool to support all of the requirements for your project.

Since providing exceptional service to clients is vital for their business, these service providers also have robust reporting and evaluation procedures set up. They'll enable you to monitor the progress on your project in real time and evaluate whether the work that's being done is completely in line with your expectations.

Faster turnaround time

How quickly your in-house development team can turnaround new projects depends on the size of the team. It will have to manage work on new projects alongside maintaining existing software. This can often present challenges when it comes to new projects.

Your employees can only do so much. If they’re trying to split their time between new projects and their regular work, chances are that they might not be able to do a good enough job on both fronts.

Even if you have an in-house team, having a dedicated external team will take the pressure off of them and they can continue work on their ongoing tasks without having to juggle them with new projects.

The dedicated team will be purely focused on the new project so they will be able to provide a much faster turnaround while also ensuring a higher level of quality compared to an in-house team that’s trying to be the jack of all trades.

No equipment investment required

If you have a special software development project, chances are that you may need to provide your team of developers with new equipment. That could be in the form of new hardware or software tools that are crucial to getting the job done.

Your business would absolutely be on the hook for these expenses should the need arise to supply new equipment to the in-house development team. This means that a significant investment would be required even before work on the new project can be started.

This will not be a concern for you with a dedicated software development team. It’s entirely the software provider’s job to make sure that the developers working on your project have all of the right tools and hardware that they need to get the job done. Whether that's powerful new workstations or licenses for software that's not open source, the service provider won't ask you to foot the bill for any of those items.

More flexibility for the in-house team

If the nature of your business requires that you maintain both an internal and a dedicated development team, outsourcing work to free up your in-house team for other purposes can prove to be beneficial as well.

For example, if you’re working on a new software and would like the intellectual property to remain within the company, you could shift a lot of the routine tasks to a dedicated development team so that your employees can entirely focus on the latest project.

This model proves to be very useful particularly if your development team comes into the office everyday so it’s possible for you to personally oversee the progress. That’s not an option with a dedicated team which is only going to work remotely.

Any routine tasks such as fixing bugs or pushing incremental feature updates on existing software can be handled by the dedicated team while your in-house developers work on the next big thing.

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You can only reap the benefits of moving to a dedicated development team model if you find the right service provider. The market is indeed highly competitive and there are a lot of contenders vying for your business, not the quality of service can vary immensely from one company to the next.

Offshore service providers may be able to offer more attractive rates but your experience with them can vary. It could also be difficult to truly have oversight over the team that’s working on your project. Furthermore, offshore companies may not fall within the legal jurisdiction of where your company is based, so this could end up being a problem if any intellectual property issues arise.

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