Web Application Development

Web Application Development

Investing in web application development is becoming an increasingly important part of modern business. The opportunities that web application development provides are so many that companies worldwide recruit IT agencies that specialize in personalized web application development for the specific needs of businesses. There are still companies that have not realized the benefits of web application development, and they are missing out. Below are some of the most important factors that make web application development an indispensable part of today’s business services.

Advantages of web application development:

One of the greatest benefits of web application development is the ability of any business to interact with its customers without personally managing communication. Web application development provides, for example, automated emails to inform your customers of new developments around you, maintain a support ticket system if you need more in-depth support and many other features that facilitate communication between users and the company.

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Accessibility Through web application development your business can reach any point in the world. The huge global Internet market is accessible from any place where the Internet is available, and this freedom is another extremely important advantage of web application development. Today, when the world goes to globalization and a single market, each business needs web application development (website, application or other specific software) to provide its customers with easy communication and accessibility to the services, information and opportunities, and online contact. All these benefits are available 24/7, which greatly enhances opportunities for new customers and more profits for your business.

Efficiency Automation of many services and facilitation of end-users as well as employees are just some of the effective tools that web application development provides. Small, medium and large companies around the world use the capabilities of web application development to improve and facilitate the overall business process, which inevitably reflects cost savings and end-user customer experience. Good IT companies that offer web application development services constantly monitor trends in global markets and often offer innovative solutions to improve your overall business and online methodology. At the same time, web apps are based on online servers that you do not have to worry about. All software has long been working in specific data centers and owners who have invested in web application development don’t have to worry about the maintenance and security of their web applications. All this remains in the hands of IT specialists, while you have the opportunity to focus on other important aspects of your business.

Low costs Although more sophisticated web application development costs money, ultimately, the overall investment is always worth it if the created product meets your requirements. As mentioned earlier, facilitating the entire workflow reduces costs and the opportunities to save money with the use of web application development are varied. Many companies say that after they deploy web application development in their business, they see significant cost-savings, thanks to the high functionality of their products.

Branding The investment in personal web application development has another clear plus: development and consolidation of your brand. Many companies invest in web application development mostly to become recognizable. Building a personalized mobile application that is unique in its kind and only yours is a sure way to show your customers that you are different from competitors in the industry. Creating a customized website that offers unique services and / or information only to your users is another proven way to stand out in the crowd. Undoubtedly, you and your company will look far more professional, serious and stable in people’s eyes if you have developed customized and personal software and web applications. All this is just part of the unlimited possibilities of web application development in the marketing sphere.

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Zibtek – your web application development company

Zibtek develops various web applications using rockstar offshore software developers while working with US based tech leads and enjoying quality work that is overseen by senior level lead architects. This way of working ensures professional web application development at extremely affordable prices.

We specialize in:

Mobile development We are experienced with native iOS, Android, development along with platforms like PhoneGap and Cordova

QA Automation We can help you setup infrastructure to enable CI and code coverage analysis and help automate QA by providing better unit test coverage or selenium based browser coverage.

Data Science We can take your dataset and use tools like R or Python to do complex algorithms to provide your team with the math equations needed for big data problems.

CMS We build things that manage awesome content! We can help with WordPress, Drupal , or Joomla setup and maintenance.

Web Development We have solid expertise in a variety of web technologies from heavy JS front ends like angular, meteor, and backbone to traditional MVC frameworks like Rails, DJango, Laravel, and Yii.

E Commerce Whether you are using a platform like Shopify and Magento or homegrown platform we can help! We can help end to end with your Ecommerce platform, whether its payment platforms, landing pages, checkout or shipping integration

The testimonials of our customers speak for themselves:

—   The Zibtek team is great. Hard working and talented developers and managers give us peace of mind that work will get done. TEMITOPE, CEO AT LASSY PROJECTS

—   We worked with Zibtek and it was awesome. We finished faster than we originally anticipated and the US point of contact took the pain out of working with international engineers. SEAN CLEMENTS, DIRECTOR OF DEVELOPMENT AT NOVARAD

— Cache and his team understand what it’s like to try to get a startup off the ground. They understand what it takes to get an MVP out there as quickly as possible. They’re very flexible and will work with you, and are really a part of your team. ANDY HAYFORD, CEO AT THREDCLUB

If you need professional web application development, call us. At Zibtek we develop customized applications and web applications for the specific needs of each business. Do not postpone any more – modernize your work process, save money and time, and create individual web-based software for your business.