The skills that helped get you your new job may not be helpful in retaining it. When you get promoted to a team manager, it is only your leadership skills that can set you apart from the rest. You must aim to become a good leader instead of becoming a boss.

Many people do not understand the difference between being a leader and being a boss. Here are some of the traits that you need to inculcate if you intend to become a good leader.

Know Your People

You MUST take time from your busy schedule to learn about the people who report to you. Know their strengths and weaknesses. Once you identify the strengths of a person, you can create an environment for the employee to exhibit his talents. For example, if an employee has good rapport with the customers and he enjoys doing it, put him in a forward-facing role. Do not have him to do some other job. Have him do things that energize him and can bring a positive influence on others around him. Spare some time to know the employees who report to you better. You should know about their likes, ambitions and their family. Ensure that they have a proper work-life balance. These little things help the employees that report to you to become more loyal. People become interested in taking your feedback when you are concerned about their well-being. They trust whatever you are going to say because they see that you want them to improve.

Think Like the Employee

Your employees want to succeed in their career. They want to get the promotion or get recognition for the work that they do. You will realize that you as well want to get recognition for every good work that you do from your boss. Put in the best efforts from your end to help your employees succeed and achieve their goals. Start appreciating the people who work with you and they soon will reciprocate it in many ways.

A Good Boss Inspires Others
Inspire Others With Your Work. Anyone can boss people around, as it does not need much effort. But to become an inspirational leader, you need to put in a lot of hard work. It requires you to have passion, dedication, and love for the work that you do. Look at the work that you have at hand and find ways to improve the processes at the work. No one wants to work for someone who bosses them around but they would jump at an opportunity to work with an inspirational leader.

Fix the Problems

Do not be that boss who you can’t find when there is an issue but one that puts in extra efforts to fix the problems. You lose the trust of your employees when you try to pass the buck and blame someone when a mistake happens. Work is very much like life as they are full of mishaps and mistakes.

Of course, some errors are quite serious, while there are others that are not. Give clear instructions and communicate regularly and you can avoid unnecessary mistakes at work. Be honest with your employees when something goes wrong. Always be quick to find solutions to the problems that arise.

Give Feedback

To build a great workplace, some managers stop giving feedback to their employees. But after observing their performance going down, they pounce at them making them feel terrible. If you are concerned about a person in the team, take time to meet them. Give an honest feedback that can help them improve their performance. It is your responsibility to help your employees find what they are lacking. It is also your responsibility to help them address them.

Friends and Leaders

When you get promoted, there are times when you have to lead a team that also has your former colleagues or peers. Just because you are their friend, you should not let personal issues affect the business. It is vital for them as well as you to understand the boundaries of friendship and leadership. Do not show any favoritism to a particular member of your team because you know them. Never engage in gossip as it can spoil the morale of your team. Do not share any confidential information with your friends. It does not mean that you have to give them the cold shoulder. Note, work should not affect your relationship outside the workplace.

Listen To Your Employees

It is a common practice that once the boss makes an opinion known, everyone else goes along with it. But you must listen to your team members before giving your thoughts. You should also encourage everyone to share their opinions and thoughts openly. It helps you understand the situation from various perspectives before making a decision. These are some of the most critical attributes that will help you become a better leader.