Project Information


OpenMath was an innovator in the online education space when the vertical was still in its infancy. It’s open source IMathAS platform enabled online math assessment and course management for a large and growing number of users. Schools, instructors, and students all liked the ease of use and the accuracy of results provided by the OpenMath solution.


As OpenMath was growing and continuing to use its original platform, problems arose. The original platform was outdated, built on Plain Old PHP without an established environment/framework. Implementing this platform was time consuming for onboarding learning institutions. What was once a benefit of customizability and compatibility was becoming a pitfall. In an age where everyone wants a ready-to-go software package, OpenMath’s implementation was difficult for new users. There were also some significant security concerns, and the platform as a whole wasn’t built to scale despite the clear market demand. OpenMath needed help to give IMathAS the full-package makeover it needed, and Zibtek was there to lend a hand.


OpenMath knew it needed to upgrade its product if it was going to continue growing its user base. Making the platform easier to implement and providing its users with an even better experience were the main goals.


What Zibtek built for OpenMath was a responsive and robust framework around the existing  IMathAS platform making it far easier for learning institutions to implement and front-end users to utilize. The PHP framework Yii 2 was used for the backbone of the upgraded platform’s functionality, with a surrounding environment built on MySQL, Bootstrap, and HTML5—fully compliant, fully responsive, easy to implement on the institution-side and completely compatible with any web-enabled device. Zibtek added a complete messaging system to allow on-platform communication between students and instructors- a game changer. We also added grade book functionality, a forum for open discussions, language and cultural adaption support, and fixed the previously mentioned security concerns.


As you may know, we love working with Ed Tech companies and this one is no different! We are honored to partner with OpenMath to create a more robust and useful tool for so many in the education market. With easier implementation and some new functionality, instructors can spend more time teaching and students spend more time learning. Learn more about the IMathAS creator, David Lippman and what he’s currently working on.