Project Information


Novarad develops and deploys medical radiology and workflow solutions. It’s custom software and medical imaging innovations were designed by radiologists, for radiologists. They have many large and complex products currently being used on premises in the medical industry.


Novarad needed to upgrade it’s database management system but the software needed to be changed for the upgrade. This upgrade was required for the performance and security of their system, but changing the code was a tedious and time consuming process which it did not have the resources to get done internally.


Zibtek provided Novarad two full-time engineers to take every database call and upgrade it so that new database would be compliant. Novarad’s onsite engineers had too little bandwidth to complete the upgrade on their own.  Zibtek was able to augment their team and crank out a solution in just 6 weeks. Database management is one of our core competencies for a reason, we’ve done it thouands of times and we know how it do it right.