I’m proud to call Zibtek a partner of each of our client business. We provide so much more than a traditional vendor to our clients; we’re truly invested in helping every company that contacts us succeed with their development goals and stake their claim as a trusted and effective brand.

How to Grow Without a CTO

Some personnel changes left Molio with a key knowledge gap and some management hurdles they needed to overcome. All this came at a crucial point in their platform development. With deadlines fast approaching, it was a dire situation for the company. They still needed to hire a development team, but none of the executives in the small startup had the technical expertise needed to determine which team.

Even if the right team could be assembled, there was no one in the company to lead the development charge and bring the platform to market.

Instead of trying to find a CTO and bring them up to speed, which would have meant more delays and massive costs without any guarantee it would put Molio back on track, they contacted Zibtek. We offered software development services and CTO-level advice, not simply providing the engineering necessary for a minimum viable product but helping to guide the company’s technical operations to fit strategic goals and investor-backed milestones.

Molio gained access to a senior development team that had a long history of working well with each other and the expertise of a US-based project manager to ensure accountability, responsiveness and appropriate goal-setting.

The end result? Not only was Molio able to stick to their original timelines despite their personnel interruption, but, with the help of Zibtek, they exceeded expectations and completed several deliverables ahead of schedule. Other items were brought forward in their growth and development plant, and those were successfully met, too.

Everyone involved was tickled pink, and Molio’s investors were more than pleased to be backing the brand.

Zibtek helped Molio move on from a truly scary place—one where the ax could fall on the whole operation at almost any time—to a successful launch and continued growth. And all through the affordable, ethical, and effective magic of outsourcing done right.

How Can Zibtek Help You?

Not every company finds itself in such a bind as Molio, but emergency moments are an all-too-regular part of the development process. Have a story you’d like to share? Tell us all about it in the comments! Have a problem and wondering how we can assist? Drop us a line and we’ll dive right in!

We have the development team, the management experience and the strategic knowledge you need, and we’re always looking for our next great partner.

This is clear from our work with Molio. As one-stop-shop for video marketing, from content creation through optimization and advertising, this startup had amazing value to offer, but technical holdups were keeping them from market releases. Here’s a little story about how Zibtek helped Molio’s expertise shine—while generating some handy revenue, too.