Put simply, it's software that's developed offshore- but you probably could have guessed that. 

 What you may not have guessed is that offshore software development can drastically decrease costs and increase your team's productivity. Utilizing offshore software development allows outsourcers to make the best use of technologiethey may not have the skills to employ in-house. Offshoring aims to perform business functions for the hiring company that may be outside of it's normal scope of work. Consider using offshore software developers to create custom software, to add coverage to existing teams, or to take over day-to-day programming and testing tasks. 


1. The U.S. market alone doesn't have the technical resources needed to offer solutions to every company in need. 

2. Offshore team members can help businesses scale faster, increasing your team's capabilities but not your budget. 

3. Software testing with offshore teams is much more cost effective than testing with an in-house team. 

The Zibtek team has been in the offshore software development game for a long time, and we've seen many teams take their companies to the next level utilizing offshore talent. The bottom line is that it will save you time and money. 


We've written lots of helpful content about how to make your next offshore software development experience a success. Among the most useful of that content is our 2016 Offshore Software Development Playbook. In this playbook you'll get offshore development insight from our years of experience, the latest industry research, and best questions to ask your next offshore development partner. GET THE PLAYBOOK!