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Why Should You Add “Pillar Content” to Your Marketing Strategy

Google frequently updates its search algorithm, and these changes can keep marketers guessing.  Because of this the best practices that people follow for content marketing and SEO change almost every day. Pillar content is the new style of content that is gaining momentum. If you’ve dipped your toe into marketing recently, you’ve no doubt heard some of the buzz surrounding this new content strategy. But what exactly is it?

Pillar content is nothing but a long-form and in-depth piece of material that concentrates on one particular topic. You can take these types of comprehensive pieces and dissect them into several standalone articles that would still be helpful.

It is very different from the short-form fragments of content that were quite popular in the industry previously. Where succinct, keyword heavy content was the industry standard recently, algorithm changes have prompted a greater focus on long-form pieces.

Many people are not sure why they may have to implement this new style of content. They do not know what impact it will have on their marketing strategy. Understandably, businesses are reluctant to invest in creating lengthy, comprehensive articles if they’re unsure of the results they’ll see in search engine ranking. Here are some compelling or remarkable reasons why you should implement it.

1. Customer Behavior


It is a fact that there is a huge array of content that is now available online and it is growing every single day.  The amount of content available can be overwhelming and disorienting. Nowadays, people are looking for websites that provide long articles that aim at one particular subject. It can act like an encyclopedia or high-quality resource because it focuses on one single topic.

People hate finding the information that they want by searching ten to twelve different articles. Convenience is unquestionably the king when you are looking at consumer behavior. As you publish a lot of content, people are going to favor the content that is well researched and thorough.

2. SEO


There is a growing consensus in the industry that pillar content is the way to go when it comes to SEO. People like Neil Patel, Eric Siu, and websites such as Hubspot and Buffer are all suggesting the same. They say that it is essential for you to have pillar content on your site if you wish to fair well in 2018. Now, this is the opinion of countless SEO experts across the globe.

3. Benefits to Thought Leadership


Pillar content for obvious reasons is a lot more comprehensive and meticulous when you compare with all the other available styles. The author has an opportunity to showcase their talent and develop sophisticated content.

As a result, there might be a lot more client inquiries, and it will also enhance brand perception. Readers will acknowledge that you have authority over a particular subject. Now, this can also increase the potential speaking assignments on a specific topic and a lot more.

The main idea of having pillar content is that you want readers to learn something and get answers to the questions they have. The last thing that you want is for site visitors to get frustrated and leave to search for information on another website.

Begin This Way

1. List of Questions

Once you decide to work on pillar content, the first thing that you need to do is to choose a topic. It is wise to keep the subject matter specific but with some general application. Since you’ll be producing an extensive and informative piece, you have to choose topics that you can talk about with authority.

Once you have the topic in hand, it is essential for you to prepare a list of questions that a hypothetical reader might be having. Think of several sub-topics and related fields that readers will likely be curious about, and be sure to include that information in your piece.

Once you have the list ready, take time to research on platforms such as Quora to see the kind of questions people are asking about a particular subject. By doing this, you will know if the users are actively searching for answers to this kind of questions on a regular basis.  When you do this kind of research before you release the content, the chances are high that your content will rank well.

Pillar Content - A New Marketing Strategy
Pillar Content – A New Marketing Strategy

2. Creating the Content

No doubt, you will have to spend a lot of time to build this kind of content. Creating pillar content requires you to spend a lot of time as these articles are very detailed and are drastically longer than canned internet clickbait. Now, in case you do not have enough time to dedicate in doing this task, you may choose to use websites such as Scripted and Upwork to find professional freelance writers who can do the job for you.

3. Check Heat Maps


Upon completion of your content, take time to use tools such as Mouseflow and Crazy Egg to identify the areas of an article that users are reading the most. You will also recognize the portions of the material that most people are skipping. Highlight portions of the topic that are most popular by posting them on social media sites to grab attention.

4. Update the Posts Regularly

One other thing that you need to do once you have the pillar content published is to visit it often to add updates. For example, if you wrote about a software product, there may be a new version on the market. You then should take some time to update the necessary information on the article so that the content is meaningful to the readers. Now, this way you do not have to dump the content, but instead you will increase its lifespan.

In Conclusion

These are the main reasons why you should consider getting pillar content on your website. It is essential for you to make the necessary changes to your content marketing strategy if you do not want to get stuck. Things can become stagnant when you choose not to do these things.


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