How do you make your website or app stand out from the crowd? How do you ensure that it makes the kind of first impression that makes visitors want to keep coming back? The features and capabilities of your product become secondary to the visual aspect. If it doesn't look appealing enough, there's a great chance of your visitors not coming back.

That is exactly why user interface design is so important. It's what defines the structure for your product and enables users to navigate through it in order to access the functionality that it offers. Looks aren’t everything. The UI also needs to be functional so that access to the core functionality can be easily obtained.

Some of the components that form a part of user interface design include navigational and input controls, informational containers, etc. The buttons, toggles, fonts and even colors play a major role in the fit and finish of the user interface.

It should be evident by now that user interface development is a mix of both art and science. Those who develop it should have a grasp on the latest design trends and they should also have a sense of how the UI changes can lead to improved results for the product.

That is why so many people rely on skilled user interface developers. They realize that a great UI is crucial to the success of their product.

What is a user interface developer?

A user interface developer is someone who is capable of bringing a software concept to life. They’re responsible for understanding the vision that you have for your product or service and then creating a user interface that best fits that vision. They create the software which enables the user to interact with the product, whether that be an app or a simple one-page website.

The UI developer basically acts as a bridge between the presentation layer and the backend layer. They will have a solid understanding of both as well as insight of the target demographic. They participate in the design process and provide guidance on the possibilities.

What skills does a user interface developer have?

The user interface developer has a great deal of influence over what the final product is going to look like. They need to balance many different considerations, including but not limited to the design intent and performance. They're also responsible for selecting the appropriate framework and tools that enable efficient development.

All of this is easier said than done. It requires many different skills which when used in conjunction allow the user interface developer to create a viable product.

Research skills

It's important for the user interface designer to have research skills. They need to be able to collect qualitative and quantitative data about users through in-depth research. This data can be collected through various means, including but not limited to test conditions, surveys, focus groups and more.

This enables them to be cognizant of the modern trends in UI design and get a sense of what the users actually want to see. They can utilize that data to make informed decisions about where the UI design needs to go from the concept stage.

Wireframing skills

A concept that shows the UI elements that will be displayed on important pages is called a wireframe. The UI designers create these sketches to get a rough idea of how everything is going to look like when it's completed. They can them decide if some elements need to be repositioned, changes or omitted entirely.

It's only after the wireframes are approved that work on the mockups may begin. This requires familiarity with prototyping tools like Marvel or Invision. A final mockup is then created which is closely reminiscent of the final product once it's coded.

Visual communication skills

How the product looks and feels has a major impact on the satisfaction of the users. That's why visual communication skills are so important for a UI developer. The entire UI needs to be intuitive and easily understandable.

For example, if users see buttons, they should know immediately that they're clickable and what will be the result that they achieve. The key with great visual communication is to reduce the need for written instructions for even minor tasks.

Using a user interface developer for your custom app

A custom app is meant to set your business apart from the competition. The idea behind creating one is to provide your users with a direct method of interacting with your product or service. Whether that’s a restaurant that allows mobile ordering or a simple one-page app that lets clients book your freelance photography service, a custom app is uniquely yours.

That’s why a user interface developer is always a great choice if you’re looking to get a custom app made. While there are service that enable you to create apps without even knowing code, a truly custom product can only be made with the help of a skilled professional.

If you have a certain vision for your app or you’d like it to have design elements that are in tune with the rest of the brand, then a user interface developer will be the right resource to bring that concept to reality.

They will be able to understand your vision for the brand and work with you to execute it. Whether that requires overhauling an existing app or creating one from scratch, they will form a great understanding of your requirements and ensure that the work being done is unique to your business.

How to find the best user interface developer

A simple online search for the best user interface developer is going to return more results than you know what to do with. It’s important to know how to cut through that clutter and find the developer that’s really going to be the best partner for your project.

A trend that most people seem to jump on a bit too quickly is offshoring. The lure of lower costs can certainly be an enticing reason. That comes with its own set of challenges, though.

Not all offshore companies that offer UI development services will be able to live up to the expectations that they set for you in the initial stage. Sure, there are offshore development firms that do great work, but in most cases the cost differences come out to be negligible at best.

That’s why a lot of business prefer to use on-shore development firms. There are fewer issues to deal with should there be a dispute. The primary benefit being that both parties to the deal happen to be in a familiar legal jurisdiction. Communication is also much easier as there may not be a major time difference.

So how do you find out whether the firm you’re considering will indeed be able to provide the best user interface developer you’re looking for? A great way to go about this is to ask for their portfolio.

They should be able and willing to show you the work that they’ve done for clients so far. It will provide you with an idea about their skills and whether they have the required experience to do a good job on your project.

Discuss the project with them in detail and consider their input as well. Since they’re professionals, they may be able to guide you in a direction that yields an end result better than what you had expected. The experience that they have is gained from working on other projects, that can be put to great use.

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