The innovators at GetAccepted knew that great college guidance is founded on two things: an affordable platform and personalized college counseling. GetAccepted’s new model allows high school students to get one-on-one counseling, personalized coaching, and access to its online research portal. By providing virtual college admissions consulting from former admissions officers, GetAccepted helps students get into top colleges. From application help to scholarship access and even getting into the Ivy League, GetAccepted is the go-to resource for every step in the process.

GetAccepted needed to find the right tech partner who understood the lean methodology and who could help achieve both the short term and long term goals of the company. In the short term, GetAccepted knew it needed to build a working process. Zibtek was the perfect fit for Brooks Morgan, the founder of GetAcccepted who did not have tech experience but was looking to do big things within the tech space. The long term goal of getting acquired by another company in the education technology industry was achieved through the build of this new, scalable product. By leveraging this software, GetAccepted was acquired by The Princeton Review, earlier this year.
Using our extensive background in lean website development, we were able to help GetAccepted scale up in an agile way by using some off the shelf solutions in addition to custom software development. We are pleased to have worked with GetAccepted to build a product that will bring value to so many in the education technology space. Building this solution led to the acquisition of GetAccepted and can now be utilized by an even larger market for less than half the cost of traditional admissions counseling. This new technology, coupled with GetAccepted’s College Coaches, takes care of all the time-consuming, process-oriented work so consultants are freed up to spend more time working with students.