People should feel happy to come to the office from the day they join the organization. It is true that first impressions are important. Unfortunately, most companies focus more on how they can make more revenue by hiring a person than how they can incorporate another team member into a happy work environment. Delighting employee is often the last thing that runs through their mind, which is not good. Employees are the most important resources a company can have, and you need to treat them that way.

Imagine how effective and efficient your employees are going to be when they come cheerfully to the office. They will come to the office every day unless they have an emergency. Since they enjoy working in your organization, it shows in the way they go about doing their work.

You can add so many things to the list of things you plan to implement to make your workplace a delightsome place. Here are a few ideas you can plan to implement in your organization.

1. Personalized Welcome Packages

One of the best ways to welcome a member to your team is by giving them a welcome package. New hires should feel comfortable when they come to the office. You may include things that they may need to use to fulfill the requirements of the job like a laptop, mobile phone, T-shirt, coffee cup or a simple greeting prepared by the team.

The welcome package should be placed on the desk waiting for the employee to come and open. The result of doing this is to help the employee feel appreciated and welcomed. It should set the tone for their tenure in the office.

2. Hand-Written Notes of Appreciation

The success of your company depends on the hard work and success of your employees. Of course, a typical work day is quite tedious and keeps you busy. But you or your team should not be tied up with work so much that you do not have time to recognize the things that your staff is able to achieve. Always take time to write a note of appreciation that you should plan on leaving at the desk of your teammates or colleagues if they have excelled at something during the day or the week.

Though it may look like a simple thing, it has great power to motivate and push the employees to perform even better. It can significantly help in breaking down barriers and will help increase the unity of the team.

3. Announce Office Visitors

One thing that many companies forget is how they treat the visitors that come to their officers. It is wise to announce the list of people visiting the office in a week or month using the office chat group or visitors’ Google calendar.

Once you have the schedule of the visitors in place, people can make time to meet them after the meeting or in the hallway. This is one great way to allow for networking and also to make the visitors feel comfortable. It’s also one of the fantastic ways to create a unique and attractive office culture.

4. Celebrate Birthdays

Birthdays are special, and it is one thing you cannot miss. Always take some time off to celebrate the birthdays of your peers with all the team and the staff. Cutting a cake and decorating their work area are some of the ways you can show them that you care. You need to take some time off from work to decorate your colleague’s office area. Use different themes each time you decorate.

One of the best ways to celebrate someone’s birthday is, of course, to give them a gift. The person who is celebrating his birthday now should purchase a gift for the colleague whose birthday is around the corner. This way they will receive a present on their birthday making them feel special, and they can buy one for the colleague to learn a little more about them.

5. Place a Victory Gong

Every day an employee does something notable that helps your company to come closer to the monthly targets. Having the means to acknowledge these achievements is a fantastic thing to do. Perhaps the best way to help your team express it is by placing a gong in the office. Whenever your team member closes a sale or forges a partnership, they can hit the gong to celebrate. It reaffirms for the team that one person’s accomplishment is an indication of the team victory. And who doesn’t want a little whimsy in the office?

6. Create a Memory Wall

A memory wall is a place where you can post photos or screenshots of the things that you have achieved as a team. You can dedicate a wall maybe in the hallway or foyer area for this reason and encourage colleagues to use it to display their achievements. People love to exhibit their accomplishments, and it is one great way to acknowledge important people and events.

7. Celebrate Every Special Event

If a person got engaged, celebrate the occasion by doing something different so that your colleague feels happy and recognized. If a colleague is out on vacation, try to decorate her cubicle in a way so that she feels welcome when she is back from the trip. She should know how much the team misses her when she is absent. Be creative and give your colleagues a surprise.

These are some things that you can do to make your workplace delightful. Happy employees can better work together toward the team’s success.