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How to Build a Strong Connection With the Millennial Consumer

Millennials, also known as Gen Y, are those who were born between the years 1980 to 2000. Demographic wise, they will be the largest peer-group by the end of this particular decade. This is one reason why most companies consider this specific demographic group valuable. Not only will Millennials be the largest demographic group but they will also be in the prime of their working years.

You can call this group the first digital generation as they came of age during an era of unprecedented technological advancement. The high-tech demands of Millennials are shaping the future of business in many ways, great and small. As such, it has become necessary for brands to understand their needs better if they desire to create a strong connection with this important market demographic. Knowing how they operate is essential if you want to make an impact. Here is a list of things that you need to consider if you’re going to be successful.


Millennials want immediate Answers Online


No matter what they are thinking about, Millennials are likely to turn to the internet for answers. Since most of them are tech savvy, they demand a user experience that is capable of solving any problem quickly. Unlike the older generations, they are not that tolerant of poor service or a system that is slow.

It is quite essential for you to have an intuitive, online presence that is quite engaging. Millennials are quite happy with the instant messaging tools that are widely available now for use. One of the best ways you can Millennial-proof your website is by adding a live chat feature. They can get the instant help they want and they do not have to wait for a long time before someone provides them assistance.

Good Communication Is a Must: Millenials like to have all the information that is necessary handy. They also expect the communication that you provide to be as direct and straightforward as possible. It is true that they hate corporate robots as well as messages that are salesy. These things tend to drive many Millenials away.

But the good part is that they love companies that are empathetic. This approach is loved by most Millennials primarily because there is a human tone to the company’s messaging.

Authenticity Is a Must

Gone is that era when people used to fall for advertising. If you want to win the hearts of Millennials, you should shun using traditional advertising to market your product. It is quite shocking to see that only 1% of Millennials buy something after watching an advertisement. Now, this is only an indication that you can win only a small margin of people by using ads that are compelling.

It is quite fascinating to see that most Millennials will consult blogs first before purchasing any product. They trust the reviews that a particular brand gets and they also inspect the reactions of previous or current customers first before investing their money on almost anything.

Therefore, it is wise for a brand to do everything that is in their power to show authenticity if you are branding to attract Millenials.


Millennials are Loyal to Particular Brands

Historically, many companies have struggled a lot when it comes to connecting with Millennials. This is primarily because Millennials have an inherent distrust towards any organization. This trend over the past several years has led many businesses to the mistaken belief that Millenials are not brand-loyal.

As it turns out, this isn’t true at all, and Millenials are as brand-loyal, or even moreso, as other generations. Research conducted by Accenture shows that Millennials are a lot more loyal than it appears on the surface of market trends. They will become loyal only when they get the right treatment. Personalized services that you tailor around their needs is the way you can entice Millenials to follow your brand.

In the same research, almost 25% of Millennials also said that they want the brands to earn their trust by doing things actively. It is a clear-cut indication that brands need to enhance their communications and take proactive measures to better the experience.

There have been quite a few technologies that are available these days that can help you understand the customer’s behavior. Google Analytics and Get Ibby are some of the tools that can assist you in this endeavor. These tools can help you to be proactive and engage well with visitors, as well as prospects when they are available online. Use the behavior data to personalize your services to cater to Millennials.


In Conclusion

If you as a company want to attract customers from the sizeable Millennial segment of the consumer market, it is crucial for you to enhance communication channels and offer a seamless experience to users. Throw away an outdated approach to marketing that is meaningless for this new generation and gives space for new technologies and tools. Using these simple things, you can better connect to the lucrative demographic and find success.


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