Talking with customers from the initial phases of product development is essential. Yes, communication is the most powerful, informative and the cheapest tool.

Organize the Meeting

When you are planning to meet customers, take enough time to prepare well for the interviews. Know your objectives, write them on the sheet of paper and find the right way to achieve them.

The Right Questions to Ask

You should understand the difference between good and bad questions. There are some questions that you can ask that will help you understand the customer's problems better.

At Least One Question to Check the Potential of Your Idea

Not many people will truly grapple with this idea. And, it is crucial for you to know if the product will really work.

  • How did you learn about the product?
  • What is the process you picked to choose this product over the competition?
  • What is the reason you choose this product?
  • Who are the teams that use this product in your company?
  • How important is this product when you compare with other software?
  • How much are you paying for the product?
  • To whom are you planning to recommend this product?
  • Is the product evolving quickly? Are you content with the customer support and working with the company?