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CRM in 2019 and beyond

Before the 1990s, the markets were product and service centric. Following the widespread introduction of the internet, things changed. Customers started demanding more products in the 2000s as they were more educated and aware. The internet also started growing more rapidly and helped in increasing customer choice. Businesses and brands listen to customers and make changes according to their preferences in order to compete.


What is Custom CRM development?


CRM, a customer relationship strategy – It is a software that is designed to help the organization to manage customer data, track leads, emails, calls, automate sales, create metric reports, schedule appointments, manage pipelines, etc. When businesses build a strong relationship with customers, it helps the business to achieve their organizational goals.


What will 2019 bring for CRM?

In 2019, society is pushing for the demystification of AI and demanding a more robust understanding of how technology is being engineered and larger transparency into how it’s getting used. Some technology creators are opting to embrace full transparency and responsibility to make sure privacy rights are respected and that the technology is getting used in a valuable and moral means.


CRM trends that you’ll see in 2019

1. AI Transformation in 2019:

The integration of Artificial Intelligence with a CRM system in 2019 can aid in everyday functions. There’s little question that AI is the way forward for CRM. Here are a few statistics that confirm this:

The analysis says before 2021 the revenue is going to increase by $394 billion and that this will be obtained from AI acquisition in CRM.


2. CRM for dynamic and prescriptive in IoT:

The future of consumer service is IoT. More people use smart gadgets and wireless technology for increased connectivity. IoT is thought to be one of CRM’s main drivers as it give a major boost in terms of customer engagement. These offerings have the potential to work better for organisations, drive revenues and improve client service and satisfaction. As more industries are disrupted,  IoT in CRM will be ready to handle this change by being ready to better automate customer service to resolve problems faster, more efficiently and even before they occur.


3. Mobile CRM:

Mobile use is growing and potential customers are being met by sales teams around the globe. It is no doubt that this tendency will continue to grow in 2019, allowing real-time access whenever and wherever. As the use of portable devices continues to increase, of course the amount of CRM customers accessing apps on smartphones and tablets will also continue to increase. 65% of sales reps who achieved their sales targets  use mobile CRM, compared to 22% of those who use traditional CRM only – Capterra

4. Hyper- individualization:

CRM has the capability for unbeatable hyper individualization (HI). Improvements in customer experience are a trend which will be clearly seen in 2019. Hyper-individualization also recognized as “extreme” or “profound” personalization, is an experience that offers a service where clients feel valued and appreciated because organisations understand and know what they want and when they want it.


The best CRM software in 2019



Freshsales CRM

Salesforce CRM

Bpm’online CRM

Less annoying CRM

Insightly CRM

Pipedrive CRM

Apptivo CRM

Base CRM/Zendesk CRM

How much does CRM costs?

Hubspot CRM

Cost: Free version available, reporting can be added for $200/month

Freshsales CRM  

Cost: $12.00 per user, per month

Insightly CRM  

Cost when billed monthly: $29 per user, per month

Pipedrive CRM   

Cost: $15 per user, per month

Salesforce CRM  

Cost: $25 per user, per month


Cost: $45 per user, per month

Cost: $35 per user, annually

Apptivo CRM

Cost: $20 per user, annually

Cost: $25 per user, per month

Bpm’online CRM   

Cost: $25 per user, per month

Less annoying CRM

Offers simple pricing of $10 per user, per month

Base CRM  

Cost: $19 per user, per month.


Is custom CRM good for business In 2019?

  • Every business needs to focus on their business models to make a profit. In order to make a profit some form of investment is required to ensure the product offer to customers continues to be attractive. The organization should maintain a good relationship and constant level of communication with its customers, and in order for a business to meet a certain level of recognition the company needs to focus on its customers and their satisfaction.
  • With the help of technology, it is easy to assess the top web development companies. This software supports both the interest of the organization and  the satisfaction of its customers. A CRM is not only for certain software development companies, rather it is a tool for all web development companies. CRM have proven to be the most efficient systems and software which helps organizations to know customers and to maintain a strong business strategy, which is why this software is leading in the business world globally today.
  • Development companies keeping customers in mind wanted to promote and expand their partnership; they also want to build a rapport with their customers. It is important for every customer to be aware of the availability of the services that are provided using positive technological developments. It fosters the interest of the customers by creating diverse channels to deliver excellent services to their customers.

CRM and digital Transformation in 2019

What is a digital transformation?

Digital transformation is technology that helps in solving traditional problems; it helps in creating a new strategy by modifying the existing business models. Most likely help the companies to generate value, develop values and increase efficiency. It also helps companies step out of their comfort zone to learn new skills.


Digital transformation will play a big role in 2019

Companies these days may find it difficult to scale their business without digital transformation. The first step that the companies do when they step into digital transformation is they buy software like Hubspot, Zoho, Pipedrive, Apptivo and so on as a marketing tool. This mainly helps IT, sales, customer service, and marketing and all department heads join together and manage the whole process from beginning to end.

The next step in digital transformation is hiring an experienced person who has the technical knowledge to help in selecting the right tools that fit in the digital transformation and to implement them.

Digital presence is already more apparent than ever, and it will continue to be so in the future. With more relevant information available, decisions made by companies have become even more crucial.

Most organizations believe that digital conversion will result in increased revenues.The biggest development opportunity now available to most organisations is to take greater advantage of the open spaces in these rapidly growing digital markets.

2019 is a budget season for many organizations. This implies it’s time to guarantee that your organisation focuses on financing for the above important products and policies that will bring sustained enhancement to your digital transformation initiatives.



2019 is bringing rapid change to global markets, and that is why businesses need to introduce CRM adaptation. Companies realize the importance of not just knowing, but also understanding their customers. As technology such as API, IOT, and mobile CRM are included, it improves customer and user experience as well. Those allowed CRM trends to evolve into their business today will see more in the future as CRM becomes crucial for companies.


The above digital factor will help the organization to embrace the new digital landscape, to go beyond the customer’s expectations and to improve the experience. 2019 is set to be a transformative year, with companies finally confronting their lingering CRM problems. CRM providers are making their services more manageable and more features to come also to help ongoing CRM problems.

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