How Should You Estimate Software Development Cost?

In your role as a solution architect, it is important for you to create project estimates. Besides creating the estimate, it is vital for you to explain the logic behind it. Considering the factors that go into cost estimation, forecasting the weather is sometimes an easier task than estimating software development cost. To generate an […]

Here’s a Quick Way To Save Money And Increase Productivity Through Outsourcing

Outsourcing is one of the finest decisions you can take to move your company into profit mode. Besides cutting down the costs, you can also get an excellent return on the investment. India is the most preferred country when it comes to outsourcing compared to all other options that are available. Bengaluru is a favorite […]

Software development outsourcing lags and how to overcome them

A recent article in CIO suggests that the rapid changes in the IT space are making traditional outsourcing models unwieldy and that organizations will need to move to shorter contracts or limit their outsourcing in order to remain responsive. Although the IT and development worlds aren’t precisely aligned, a similar argument could be made that the […]