Cyber threat intelligence

What is cyber threat intelligence?   Cyber threat intelligence (CTI) is collective information that an organization uses to comprehend the essence of the damage that the organization is experiencing. This data is also used to anticipate and either avoid or retaliate cyber attacks. With its capacity to understand profound data, risk intelligence offers you with […]

Custom software solution for SaltGrid

Project Information Background SaltGrid is an Ecosystem Performance Optimization company which helps enterprises augment their teams that include contractors or third-party members. By hiring SaltGrid, enterprises are assured they can maximizing the outcomes from these non-direct employees who are helping to deliver business outcomes. SaltGrid is a machine learning system that uses customer instances to […]

Custom software development for thereNow

Project Information Background thereNow has developed a comprehensive remote observation system to support ¬†professional development for educators all over the world. The thereNow technology is used to more effectively see teachers and students in action. By creating this solution, thereNow has changed the way the education industry has approached Professional Learning and observational research. Using […]