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SEO is Not a Black Box

Back in the days of old, before Panda, Penguin, and now Hummingbird, Google’s PageRank formula sifted through and served up relevant, quality content to its users helping them find what they needed quickly and efficiently. As the web has grown, and websites have become a better marketing tool than ever, the space has become competitive and black hat practices for ranking cropped up. Almighty Google developed guidelines to stop black hat SEO hackers in their tracks, enter the Penguin update.

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Why Bugs Exist in Software

In software and in nature, not all bugs are created equal. Thank goodness, (we’ve seen our fair share of both)! When we head out into the mountains for a weekend of camping with our families, we know that we should pack at least one canister of Off! Deep Woods. We also know that when we head back into the office on Monday morning, we need to arm our programmers with the bug protection they need.

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