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Is Off-the-Shelf Software for You?

If you’ve got a new product idea that requires software you’ve probably researched off-the-shelf solutions. Some popular off-the-shelf products are Pipedrive, a CRM tool, or Shopify, an ecommerce tool. Many companies find buying off-the-shelf software to be a workaround to developing a custom solution; others believe that off-the-shelf software is harder to scale, as it may not integrate well with home-grown systems. In the buy vs. build dilemma, it’s difficult to make the right choice.

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Does Your Startup Really Need a CTO?

So you want to be a tech entrepreneur, but you’re not a technical person? It sounds impossible, but contrary to popular belief, it can be done. This quote from Eric Ries, author of The Lean Startup, explains my philosophy on startup success in today’s tech world:

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How to Level Up your Development Team

I personally have a deep-seated love for startups. I love the ride or die mentality that stakeholders have even when the days get long and the entire team is running on caffeine alone. I’ve worked for startups that grew to enterprise companies, startups that grew really fast and fizzled out, and startups that grew at a nice, linear rate. I’m here to tell you, it’s the steady growers who make smart moves that become enterprise companies. So what are these “smart moves” when it comes to growing a development team? I’ll give you the rundown but the jist is employing the right tools at the right time. 

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