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How to Keep Your Best Developers

Retention is difficult for any organization. Good employees will always be looking for a way to advance their career and sometimes that means moving to a new company. As technology has continued to change the world we live in, it’s also changed the types of companies that software developers can work for. Back in the day, working for a tech company meant choosing from a few in only metropolitan areas, but now working for a tech company can literally mean working for a family-owned farm in the middle of nowhere. As a culture, we’ve embraced technology and use it in so many cool ways, but tech-reliant industries proliferation leads to concern for developer retention. Let the bidding wars begin.

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Why the Bay Area is Still Using .NET

What is .NET

To start off, WTF is .NET? .NET is a programming framework used to build web and mobile applications, created by Microsoft. Developers use frameworks to call in code without having to actually write it. Frameworks like .NET are typically used as a way to access web services, databases, and communication tools. Pretty useful, I’d say. With the insurgence of new technology coming out of Silicon Valley, some have argued that the .NET framework is old news. On the other hand, the world is full of .NET proponents who have high hopes for the framework’s future. We’ll cover the opinions of both sides and give you our take on why the bay area is still using .NET.

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