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How to be a Great Agile Product Owner

An Agile product owner’s four main goals are to maintain flexibility with the scope of the project, to receive team feedback or input, to always focus on continuous improvement, and finally to deliver the highest quality products. I’m Jared Cambra, one of Zibtek’s product owners. I am a California native who enjoys spending time with my family and beard growing competitions. Just kidding, but I do have a great beard. I am absolutely fanatical about technology and I love working with people too, which makes being a product owner a great job for me. I have long standing experience in customer success and Zibtek is no different. Not only do I get to work with my clients to create a killer products, I also get to work with Zibtek’s development team. I’ve learned so much from them about how to help my clients and they are always supportive of new features. The Agile methodology works great for us as a distributed development team because our priorities are always shifting. We do everything we can to make sure that we’re building the ideal product for our client. But enough about me, here is my spiel about why Agile project management is the only way to go for your next development project.

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A Close Up On Salt Lake Software

The Silicon Slopes is an area you may not know. It rests between Salt Lake City, UT and Provo, UT at the base of the Wasatch mountain range. While the name suggests that it’s a technology hub like its big brother, Silicon Valley, it’s a new breed of entrepreneurs, developers, and family-focused folk that you’ll want to know.

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Benefits of MEAN Stack Development

What does MEAN Mean?

MEAN stack is an open-source JavaScript software stack. MEAN is an acronym for the JavaScript-based technologies used in MEAN stack development. M is for MongoDB, E is for Express JS, A is for Angular JS, and N is for Node.js. These four powerhouse technologies come together to create a fullstack javascript framework used to simply and quickly develop web applications.

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