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What is Silicon Valley Outsourcing?

My favorite author, Simon Sinek, writes a book called “Start with Why”. The basis of his point in starting with why is that understanding why a business functions the way it does is not based on profits but on the emotional reason for existence. Sinek argues that people don’t buy what businesses make, they instead buy why the business makes it. The what and the how are important factors too, but follow the why in Sinek’s Golden Circle.

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Shortcomings of the Software Outsourcing Hub

Startup life is hard, especially in the tech space. You’ve got no money, no time, and your office is often your kitchen. The upshot is that you’ve got boat loads of passion and tons of drive to turn your groundbreaking idea into a reality. With no money and no time, startup success is easier said than done. Because you have no money, you need a cost-effective way to build your new product or app. Why not hire a software freelancer? The internet runneth over with software outsourcing hubs that will help their clients get connected with “top tech talent.” If it sounds too good to be true… it is.  

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