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Why San Francisco Software Companies Outsource

Silicon Valley, the land of hopeful tech startups and prosperous tech giants like Google, Salesforce, and Apple. In recent years, there has been a major trend towards “local development” meaning onshore, and basically built in your backyard. Proponents of in-house only software development argue that the highest quality can only be found in the US, specifically in San Francisco. While some companies like Facebook, built their core product in-house, other San Francisco startups are looking for a high quality but lower cost option. The answer to this eminent need? Outsourcing.

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Tips for Managing Distributed Development Teams

The State of the Market

Like it or not, distributed teams are not only becoming popular, but the norm for many up and coming tech companies. In fact, as many as one in every five Americans work from home. Why this shift towards working in slippers? One word: Talent. It turns out, the best talent is not necessarily located in the same city as your company. Many early adopters of distributed software development teams have realized this fact and are not letting it stop them from having the best employees. These early adopters are no doubt companies you’ve heard of. Several of these companies are 100% remote, meaning they have no HQ, office space or communal coffee. #nopantsmeetings

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