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Offshore Software Development Isn't Dangerous Anymore

It's 2016. The global economy is as real as it ever was. Tools like Slack, Skype, HipChat, Facetime and Google Hangouts make communication with others around the world as easy as a phone call to a friend next door. 10 years ago, a lack of face to face communication was listed as one of the biggest "risks" associated with sending your software development offshore. Now that concern is almost laughable. Here are a few more former "risks" that now pose no more danger than hiring someone in house.

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The Changing Arena of Offshore Software Development

As the software industry has developed over the last decade, arguably the biggest change has been moving from the waterfall model to Agile. Though this is only one change, it's made a huge impact on how software is developed, trickling down effects on timelines, teams, and cost.

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Why Direct-to-India Software Development Outsourcing Doesn't Work

Standing still is never a good idea, and when it comes to software development it’s the kiss of death. Whether you’re bringing a software product or service to market or need an upgrade to your back-end databases and proprietary systems, you want your platform built with the newest, hottest tech out there. The latest thing that has all of GitHub agog. And the chances that you can find a software developer in India who truly knows how it works and can harness its power for your platform? Slim to none.

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