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Why Traditional Outsourcing is Broken

The Set it and Forget it Approach to Project Management Doesn’t Work

This article is part of a series on the problems we've identified with the traditional outsourcing model, and the ways Zibtek has set out to solve them. For more information on our unique approach to achieving high-quality, innovative software solutions that come in on-time and under budget, please contact us today.

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End-to-End Code Verification, the Zibtek Way

When you break it down, software is just line after line of code. And any developer can tell you that writing the code to structure software is just the beginning of the job.

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Finding, Acquiring, and Hiring the Top 1% of India's Developers

In our last post, we told you all about our TechStars 2016 contest—an event that attracted more than 50,000 developers and 300 colleges and universities from all over India. 200 of the best coders in the bunch got a chance to really show off their skills with advanced practical tests, and three were ultimately offered full-time developer positions at Zibtek's Pune, India office. 

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