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Is Your Mobile App Ready for the End of Parse?

The tech world loves to talk about "disruption" as this positive, forward-driving market force, but some disruptions are far less welcome than others. For many mobile app developers, the end of Parse definitely seems to fall into the "bad disruption" camp... at first glance, anyway. Developers who know how to take control of the transition could find themselves with a more robust service and lower costs, using this disruption as a chance to improve efficiency and performance. Zibtek can help.

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Adding It Up for OpenMath with the New IMathAS

OpenMath was an innovator in the online education space when the vertical was still in its infancy. Their open source IMathAS platform enabled online math assessment and course management for a large and growing number of students at all levels of study. Schools, instructors, and students all liked the ease of use and the accuracy of results, and things were looking good. Except for one major problem. IMathAS was outdated. Built entirely from Plain Old PHP without an established environment/framework, implementing the platform meant extra work for learning institutions—what started off as the benefit of customizability and guaranteed compatibility was becoming a drawback in an age where everyone wants a ready-to-go software package. There were also some significant security concerns, and the platform as a whole wasn't built to scale despite the clear market demand. OpenMath needed help to give IMathAS the full-package makeover it needed, and Zibtek was there to lend a hand.

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