2019 was one of the best years for full stack developers, and the demand seems to only increase in 2020. It is a fact that the more skills you develop, the more valuable you become. It is hugely beneficial to have someone who knows everything when it comes to app development.

You might be wondering what it means to become a full stack developer. There is no simple answer but there are some general parameters. If you are looking for a jack of all trades developer or if you have an interest in becoming one, here are the guidelines that you need to follow.

Why Are Full Stack Developers Special in 2020

When we consider the theoretical aspects, we gain a better understanding of the most commonly used definition of the “full stack developer.” A full stack developer is a specialist who is comfortable and good at working on not just the back-end work but also on the front-end.

These are the developers who spend a lot of their time learning about the new technologies and employ them in their projects. As per one survey in 2016, most of the developers consider themselves to be full stack developer.

Back-end developers are next in the queue but with a considerable margin. Some full stack developers can work on almost 5 to 6 languages and frameworks while there are others who can only work on 4.

Personal Traits That a Full Stack Developer Must Have:

If a developer wants to become a full stack developer, he needs to check first if he has the characteristics that are necessary for the job. Some of the requirements a full stack developer needs to possess are as follows:

Analytical Mind


Interest and Love of learning.

Eye for detail


Creative Vision

These are the traits a developer needs to have to become a full stack developer. If the developer thinks he possesses these qualities, he is up for the game. Let’s now see the technical aspects that are necessary for a full stack developer.

Technical Skills A Full Stack Developer Should Possess in 2020:

First things first, a developer needs to realize the fact that he needs to be an expert in each of the technologies that he handles. This is true especially when you are concentrating on both the back-end and front-end work.

The thing that matters most is your capability and the passion you have to understand everything that is going on and to ensure that it works.

Here is a list of items that you need to learn if you are a developer. If you are a business owner, these are the things you need to look for in a developer.


HTML and  CSS are the two fundamentals that a developer will learn about at the beginning of any programming course. While HTML permits you to add materials to a web page, CSS allows you to bring a certain style to it.

Begin With These Things:

Semantic HTML.

Learn about the CSS Box Model as it will help you understand its principles and distinctive traits.

CSS preprocessors and the benefits you get from using it in software development.



Almost 93.6% of the websites in the world use and run on javascript. No wonder it is one of the most learned languages for several different types of developers! Since there are so many new tools emerging, It is necessary to always be on the look-out for additional skills.

Begin With These Things:

Understand the working principles of DOM and JSON

Focus on the critical features of the language

Put most of your attention in one of the frameworks that you like

Possess a good understanding of the testing frameworks

Back-End language

The most crucial accomplishment the developer needs to focus on is to know at least one particular language in detail. Which means a developer should know how it works and what exactly he can do with it. In simple words, he should have a thorough understanding of the language. As an employer, you need to check for this when it comes to hiring a full stack developer.

Database and Storage

A full stack developer should know how to store the data wisely. He needs to have a definite answer to the crucial question of managing data. Since data is one of the fundamental equipment, he needs to have thorough knowledge when it comes to this aspect.

Begin With These Things:

Learn about NoSQL databases and the circumstances when you need to pick a particular database.

Peculiarities that you find in the relational data.

Sound understanding when it comes to linking a database to a back-end language that you have chosen.

Familiarize yourself with Web storage.


The application protocol HTTP permits both clients and servers to stay in constant connection. For example, when you create a request using the JavaScript code, it will be sent to the back-end code. HTTP makes this communication possible. Previously, most software specialists were frustrated as there were a lot of security issues when it came to HTTP protocol.

When the HTTP data is not encrypted, it creates an environment that is unsafe for the website users. Fortunately, now we have HTTPS which is the most secure version. Knowing HTTPS  is one crucial thing irrespective of the website that you are working on. If your site is collecting sensitive information, it is imperative for you to have this kind of protocol in place.

Begin With These Things:

Learn the fundamental features of REST.

Designing RESTful API.

Know how to use Chrome DevTools.

Learn and understand about the SSL certificates.


If a developer is going to deal with all the things that are listed above, there are additional skills that are more advanced. Understanding app architecture is critical, especially when it comes to a complex project. For obvious reasons, a developer needs to know how to input the code and data. Learning where to store files that are large and the steps he should follow to separate the files and other essential aspects are critical.

Begin With These Things:

Gather information especially about the platform as a service.

Work on the optimization of the app.


Learn codebases from the GitHub’s major projects. People in there know a lot of stuff.


Some people say that knowing everything is equivalent to knowing nothing well. If you desire to be a full stack developer, know that it is possible. Becoming proficient in such a wide variety of skills is not easy, but it can be done.

The best way to keep track of the knowledge you gain is by jotting down notes in a place where you can retrieve them in the future. You may choose to post the items you learn in a planner or choose to create a blog.

Maintaining these skills is not easy, which  is one reason why not everyone can become a full stack developer. When you begin your journey as a full stack developer, you might have trouble landing big projects at first. Once you start to prove that you can successfully deliver, you will get more opportunities.