Companies are beginning to go digital, as smartphone applications, cloud sharing and automation assist many of them get more tasks completed in less time.

Building a small or medium-sized company can be difficult. Although one utilizes multiple methods and advertising policies, spending time and energy makes all the difference.

It’s hard to argue with the advantages that technology brings to business.

Regardless of the size of your business, innovation has concrete and intangible advantages that will assist you in boosting your income and making it more effective to meet your clients’ requirements. Technology impacts a company culture, efficiency, and interactions. It is no wonder that innovation also has an impact on safety and data that needs to be secure.

The key is to find out how to use it to develop your small or medium-sized company. Choosing the correct technology will assist in increasing your business.

1. Providing better customer service with technology:

Use of technology helps serving the customers better.

Customers play an important part in constructing a company. If clients are assigned the greatest priority, they stay with you. Whenever you guarantee that your customers can contact you, you offer them the liberty to trust you.

Keeping up with these developments will improve your relevance and client attraction, which will set you apart from the competitors.

  1. Website:  Provide regions on your page where clients can answer their own questions or pursue responses from others.
  2. E-mail. Using email as a manner to enhance customer service and react more rapidly to certain requirements or demands for assistance.
  3. Software Applications: Use technology apps such as customer management. Though most of the software applications send you a reminder to update them some don’t. Creating an IT strategy to always stay ahead can help you can generate pleased, fulfilled and faithful customers with these applications. Also, when clients use technology to communicate with a company, company has a great opportunity as better communication generates a greater public image.

2. Measure everything:

  • Tracking:

Monitoring both the customers and clients is crucial to any business, Richard Branson noted “ If you take care of your employees, they’ll take care of your business.” Therefore tracking is mandatory to all SMBs.

  • Control over the data:

You can examine everything you do with technology and see the outcomes. Starting with how a client gets to your website and whereabouts on your blog, how they interact with your social media messages, and what content works best.

Analytics can assist in monitoring all important metrics including, bounce frequency, price per discussion, leading to enhanced revenues and a better ranking in Google.

3. Keep an eye on cyber security:

cybersecurity will help build your business

With several data breaches over the last few years, small and medium size businesses are becoming victims of cyber crime at an accelerated pace.

Anything that depends on the web for interaction or is linked to a laptop or other smart devices can be impacted by a safety violation.

This involves:

  • Communication technologies such as email, phones and SMS messages
  • Transport technologies including traffic control, vehicle motors, aircraft navigation technologies.
  • Public databases including social security codes, permits, tax documents
  • Economic systems including bank accounts, credits and paychecks

Protect your wireless network with a safe password. Require that staff alter their passwords frequently and that portable phones have activated safety methods. Ensure that each has recent anti-virus and malware programs installed.

Cyber security helps keep your ideas away from your competition. When you know your data is secure, your ideas can be safe and you can protect your future projects from being copied by your competitors.

4.Utilize the Cloud:

Cloud-based facilities can considerably decrease the need for separate computer apps to be maintained and purchased. They are particularly helpful for backups, paper storage and even team cooperation. The Cloud’s most wonderful characteristic is its capacity to predict your company’s economic condition beforehand.

  • Backup:

Small company owners are well conscious of the significance of information backup. The cloud does it all for you; it simplifies the method, it lowers costs, it also produces off-site copies of your information to safeguard it.

  • Sharing data:

Along with an in-house team, most companies have other teams that might be working remotely, making exchanging data a hectic process without the cloud.

  • Ease of Storage:

Many small companies use pictures, music, and video to improve their promotional operations, and these files often occupy a large portion of your hard disk room, which can be expensive. The cloud enables you to move the storage of big documents off your local machine.

5. Social Media:

magic of using social media in business

In recent years, social media has demonstrated its power & authority. In a small company, involvement in social media guarantees simple accessibility of your material and hits the crowd that is interested in your company, thereby creating a beneficial connection with your current and prospective clients. Your credibility improves as you publish and share content in your knowledge.

  • Schedule beforehand:

While social media rocks at real-time information, not all your post need be real-time. Working before time always helps. Make a list of messages that you want to send out over the next week or two, and use a management tool that allows you to scheduling functionality like Hootsuite. Did you know Zibtek has built apps for Hootsuite?

With social media you can:

  • Increase your referrals or leads
  • Increase product sales
  • You will be known as an expert or thought-leader
  • Drive traffic to your website or blog
  • Create new products or services
  • Provide real-time customer service

In Conclusion:

Over all, the impact of technology on small scale businesses has been commonly sensed. Though technology has had an adverse effect on old business models, it has generated more opportunities than any time in history. By enabling customers to better participate and personalize their knowledge, SMBs are willing to transform their companies, achieve higher access to markets and compete more effectively with bigger companies.