Top Backend Frameworks to Build Your Web Application

The innovation of web and mobile applications has transformed the way enterprises deliver value to their customers. Organizations are spending a huge amount of money and time building intuitive user interfaces for front-end. However, we cannot deny the fact that a robust back-end framework is essential for a seamless front-end experience. In this article, we […]

Modernizing your legacy system for efficient digital transformation

There is no denying the fact that modern systems are more powerful, efficient and capable than legacy systems (old methodology or technology). For instance, to provide the users with a better experience, Microsoft has replaced Windows XP with the latest Windows operating system (Windows 8 or Windows 10). With time, legacy systems may not perform […]

Offshore vs Onshore Custom Software Development

Most businesses, including everything from multi-national corporations (MNCs) to start-ups, get confused about whether to use onshore software development or offshore software development. Choosing the right one for your project will greatly impact the quality and delivery of your software. In this article, we have explained key considerations about onshore and offshore software development along […]

Why You Should Love Custom Software Development?

What is custom software development? Custom software development is the process of designing, deploying and maintaining software that meets the specific requirements of an individual or group of users in an organization. It is usually developed by in-house developers or outsourced to a third-party contractor. Such software is primarily created to target the specific needs […]

PHP vs. Node.js

Earlier, PHP and JavaScript supported many essential segments of the internet. In those days, PHP handled all the server-related tasks while JavaScript managed browser-related details. Later on, with the emergence of technology, it has become possible to run JavaScript on the server. After this advancement,  Node.js came into the picture. And, in the meanwhile, PHP’s […]