Top 8 Reasons Why You Should Use Angular

In recent years, the popularity of Angular has increased in the tech world. As an open-source framework with highly advanced JavaScript support, Angular is an attractive solution for developing web applications. Angular is developed, maintained and supported by Google and has a solid code base. It is the outcome of innovative work by Google engineers, […]

Cyber threat intelligence

What is cyber threat intelligence?   Cyber threat intelligence (CTI) is collective information that an organization uses to comprehend the essence of the damage that the organization is experiencing. This data is also used to anticipate and either avoid or retaliate cyber attacks. With its capacity to understand profound data, risk intelligence offers you with […]

The State Of Cloud Business Intelligence, 2019

What is Cloud Business Intelligence?   Business Intelligence (BI) technology transforms a company’s raw data into meaningful information that assists managers, executives, and corporate users in making business-related decisions. It helps in measuring the performance and progress towards business objectives.   Within the organization, BI is used to:   Analyze sales price points and e-commerce […]

9 Ways AI influences e-commerce

E-commerce is no longer just an alternative company platform for the traditional brick and mortar store. It is gradually becoming the main channel for creating revenues for many companies. Yet the drive toward e-commerce has also meant increasing competition intensity. There is steady pressure to deliver services quicker and smarter.   The Internet has opened […]

The 6 Biggest Benefits of CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) plays a vital role in every business; without customers, businesses cannot survive. Implementing CRM facilitates long-term relationships with your customers and offers many advantages for you and your business. CRM is recognized to improve the business by redesigning the sales and customer retention process. CRM is an important feature regardless of […]