Pickyourtrail: Featured Business Of The Week

1. Please tell us more about Pickyourtrail’s founding story and how you have built it up to where it is today?   Founding Story: Pickyourtrail began as an attempt to break how vacations are currently been planned and booked by travelers. At our very heart, we want to create happiness and not sell packages. The […]

Meetings Don’t Have to Be Boring

Many people think that the meetings are quite boring. This is understandable because some meetings are boring, leading some people to assume that meetings are a time-waste activity. . If you do not organize the things well, co-workers might end up fighting against each other. However, when done well, meetings can be beneficial in collaborating […]

DevOps Explained

Many large enterprises and organizations that are web-native are accelerating their efforts to adopt DevOps into their firms. But as these efforts are getting underway, many people still do not understand the true meaning of the term DevOps. The question that people have is if it is an approach, a culture, a philosophy, a movement […]