Crafting a Go-To-Market Strategy

A startup is founded on an idea. Whether a great product idea or a new service offering, the founder of a startup is seeking to get other people to invest in that idea, first in development and then through sales and use. This kind of endeavor is no easy thing. Studies show that the majority […]

Top Reasons Users Ditch Your Product

A product can be successful only when you address all the major obstacles in user acquisition. It is essential for you to look at the product from the user’s experience in a customer lifecycle perspective. From a newbie to a person who has been using the product for ages, numerous experiences might prompt them to […]

How to Pitch a VC?

If you are launching a startup, it is extremely difficult to fund everything without partners. There are many different avenues you could take to find funding. A great fit for startups are venture capitalists (VCs). The number of investors that you need to approach and the things that you may plan on talking with them […]

Mistakes That Kill A Startup

Building a business from scratch is no small feat. There are many decisions along the way that can make or break a startup. Entrepreneurs in the startup space are always eager to know the mistakes that can jeopardize a fledgling a startup. Learning from other people’s mistakes can put your business on the track to […]