Mobile App Marketing Guide

The aim of marketing an app is to get their app to as many users as possible. You can find countless apps available for download on the numerous platforms available, more than any one person could ever look at. Your ap needs to stand out amidst a great many apps that are available. As the […]

How are SaaS Companies Valued?

There are so many aspects that you need to consider to evaluate a SaaS product rather than just the revenue growth. Undoubtedly, valuing a business tends to be an emotional thing, and it is one of the reasons why it is wise to use M&A bankers. They provide fair, unbiased and reasonable valuations for a […]

How Airbnb scaled 100x

Marketplaces are pretty hard to start, but if they work, nothing is more exciting than that. Airbnb has a story that is worth listening to. They operate an online marketplace and hospitality service that allows people to lease or rent short-term lodging such as holiday cottages, apartments, hostel beds, hotel room, etc. In less than […]

How to Build a Two-Sided Marketplace

Building a two-sided marketplace is something that is no easy feat. Though it may seem obvious on paper, it is quite tricky to handle. Almost all startup founders tell us the same thing. They think that building a two-sided marketplace is something that is quite difficult, though it is also extremely attractive from a business […]