Best Tools for Creating Android Apps

Android apps remain unbelievably popular, competitive, and dynamic. You want your apps to be hard-hitting and innovative. To do that, you need the right tools. Of all the tools available for app creation, industry leaders agree there are five indispensable technologies for designing killer Android apps. Below are the five top techs to consider for […]

B2B Customer Research Guide

If you check behind every successful business to business (B2B) product, you will notice that there is a product that the companies fuel using proven methods for finding potential customers. Below are some key considerations to looking for B2B customers, including: your chosen market, high-quality customers, end users, and the competition.   Understanding the method […]

How Scrum Development Works

Individuality has significant value in the western world. We tend to view people’s greatest accomplishments as those that are most unique to their talents and abilities. When it comes to software, however, you need to adjust your views of what makes for a truly great accomplishment. Software, really great software that is, is far too […]

What Exactly Is Technical Product Management?

There is a vast difference between a technical product manager and just any product manager. Many are not aware of these differences. Understanding the roles and responsibilities of both roles can give you insight into the industry.   Product managers generally occupy different roles, such as strategic product manager and eCommerce or energy product manager.In […]

How The CTO And VP Of Engineering Differ

Many startups want to know how to build their engineering team. Many non-technical startup  founders find it hard to accurately define the terms “CTO” and “VP of Engineering.” Understanding the basics is helpful if you want to gain an understanding of these roles and how they can work in your growing business. Here is some […]

The 6 Design Mistakes We Still Make

Being consistent with certain principles will help you to design a great product. If you focus on creating a page or screen that is self-evident, your designs will be intuitive and successful. An average user should be able to look at the screen and say ‘I get it.’   These are some principles you should […]

How To Make A Product Plan With The Kano Model

After completing your research, engaging stakeholders and listing out your product’s features, you might find yourself wondering what your next step should be. Specifically, you might be wondering where exactly to consider in crafting your development budget. The best thing you can do is to implement the Kano Model framework to prioritize features and to […]